#stopthebull is a movement. a movement with a purpose to educate and change the course of cyber bullying in our communities.

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Cyber-bullying is the fastest growing trend in bullying among teens

Technology in itself is not "good" or "evil", as with most things of this nature. It's how it's used. We have allowed a culture of meanness and abuse to thrive in our schools among our children. Cyber-bullying is using computers, cellphones and other electronic devises to send abusive or threatening messages, spread rumors or post embarrassing images. Cyber-bullying is not bound by time or geography. At the end of a bad day at school, a child used to be able find refuge at home. This technology allows the taunts, threats and rumors to follow the child home and the bullies have access around the clock. This can also increase the audience of the humiliation and can remain out there, potentially, forever. By cyber-bullying, it allows one to not see the impacts it's making to a person physically and lends itself to greater cruelty. If a bully can see you face to face, seeing the impact is having, one may tend to back off and possibly stop.

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